Living Room Conversations

Are You Concerned
about how and what children are being taught about the history of racism and its current manifestations? If you're like me, you've probably noticed that there's a lot of passion and a lot of (attempts at) persuasion going on but very little true reflection and listening that both deepens our understanding of the topic and  builds connection in our communities. But don't despair. Our event this Thursday seeks to change that! We at Heathmere believe we can come together around tough topics and do so in a way that promotes mutual understanding. These Living Room Conversations with the Beverly Public Library aim not at agreement but a deeper understanding both of our own, as well as an other's, core values. We invite you  to a virtual courageous space conversation on how we want to educate our children about race and racism. We will begin by hearing from Hannah Elementary School Principal, Gabrielle Montevecchi, and Beverly High School teacher, Reginald Pittman, who will share their experiences and insights. We will then break up into small groups to engage in a facilitated dialogue to help us think more deeply about this issue. Residents from all school districts are welcome. So if you're interested in listening with curiosity and connecting across difference, we invite you to register here:
Free and open to the public.   Click here for the Zoom Link
For accessibility information or other questions, email: [email protected]
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